Jake's Place:
Songs 'n' 
Tails Podcast

Jake's Place:
Songs 'n' 
Tails Podcast

A PodCast about storytellers. Positive, inspiring songs and tales, Live music, interviews with animal rescue

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S2 E5: Chipperrrr

Featuring our brilliant songwriting friend from across the pond, Henry Priestman. Listen in audio (below) or watch in video (Click on Henry's pic to link to the video).

Click here to listen to Episode # 5

S2 E2: The Two Rascals
featuring my entertaining interview with Douglas Green. Author of the upcoming novel, A Dog of Many Names (Circuit Breaker, 7/6/21),  Douglas Green has turned his talents to many areas—he directed the 2000 film The Hiding Place, wrote the fan-favorite inspirational memoir The Teachings of Shirelle: Life Lessons from a Divine Knucklehead in 2015, and spends his days working with teens and children as a psychotherapist in LA. Doug’s latest project, inspired by his rescue dog Aria, is A Dog of Many Names, a sweet, inspirational, and courageous story of survival about an abandoned dog who is forced to fend for herself in the Southern California wilderness before she can find her forever home. 

Click here to listen to
The Two Rascals

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