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Jake and I are so "pawsatively" excited that you stopped by to visit us today. After all, life is about the journey and sharing fun times with friends along the way. This is where the tail begins. So grab yourself a cuppa, relax, and enjoy discovering Jake's book, listening to a podcast episode, some music, watching a video, or shopping in the Lake Country Store. Don't worry about wiping your paws. Just leave us a note or message of inspiration. And let yourself be crazy beautiful. xoxoxo

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Season 3 Episode 1: With Love

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Some words from Dottie Lynne

This is the true story of how a shelter Husky/Australian Shepherd from Nashville, TN rescued Tia and Tommy, a couple of internationally touring singer-songwriters, and found his way into the hearts of fans all around the world. Jake the road dawg's incredible journey of love and friendship inspired the first in a series of children's books, a podcast show, and continues to share the gift of hope and healing through educational online videos entitled: Songs 'n' Tails. Because Jake knows that each one of us has our own unique tail and a song in our heart.

 "Oh, my child. Oh, my child. Be Still
Hear the song in your heart and learn.
 Be still.

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Kibbles and Bites:

Tia and Tommy: Small Venue Heroes

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Jake The Road Dawg Songs'n'Tails Kid Vid Trailer

Now Available for schools/libraries/home schooling

EmBARK on your exciting journey of creativity and character building NOW!! In Nov. 2021 launched Jake The Road Dawg: Songs'n'Tails Kidvid music/stories/songs educational video series during the Nov. 5-7  OMEA virtual conference. The series is available for virtual classrooms/libraries/and home studies. Take a Break with Jake The Road Dawg Songs'n'Tails KIdVid series. ‘Paws’-a-tive-Inspirational Award-winning, Singer-Songwriters Tia McGraff, and Tommy Parham understand these are stressful times in the classroom environment and want to give you and your students a creative and inspiring break. Introducing, Jake The Road Dawg: Find The Song In Your Heart Kid Vid Series. Inspired by Tia’s MG children’s book, Jake The Road Dawg, each twenty-minute video in the nine-part series, includes a chapter reading, and an insight into the songwriting and recording process. Over nine weeks students and teachers will explore various aspects of songwriting: including structure, melody, lyric, rhyme scheme, etc., and be inspired to craft their own song based on the theme, Who’s Your Super Hero. Other subjects touched on during the course are local history, geography, movement, art, and Jake's favorite, friendship, confidence, and character building.

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Go Your Own Way
(T. McGraff/T. Parham/K. Fisher)

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‘Go Your Own Way’ on CHCH Music Friday
By Laura Brody -
November 26, 2021, 11:12 am

We are so over the moon excited and grateful to share the award for "Best Social Justice Song" at the Posi EmPower Songwriting Awards, KS, USA in Sept. 2021 with our co-writer Kevin Fisher.

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Thank you SCBWI for including JTRD in this summer's self-published reading recommendations!

 The overall concepts are engaging. Especially the interesting view of a road trip for readers who may not know what that can be like. The terrific map of the journey is a good addition. “Hear the song in your heart and learn” is a nice invitation. Blending together the storybook, photo album, poems, and music disk is brilliant. Making Jake the key voice immediately offers a fresh insight. Definitely appreciate the lovely story ending. Overall it is a quality idea with delightful characters. This book is exemplary in production quality and cover design. The physical materials, printing, and binding are of professional quality and traditional industry standards. The typesetting and page layout (including illustrations, images, or figures) are easy to follow, thoughtfully designed, and error free. The cover appears to be professionally designed and is compellingly related to the content/genre of the book.

“Judge, 29th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.”


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As we sizzle our way out of Summer and into September, Tommy and I hope you'll find the time to enjoy our latest podcast episode entitled, 'Chipper.' Featuring, an engaging, across the Pond virtual interview with our good friend and songwriting monster, Henry Priestman, you're sure to fall in love with these songs'n'tails. Grab your cuppa, kick back, and enjoy S2 E5 in audio or video format. Back by popular demand, Tia and Tommy's virtual online house concerts (including our super fun post-performance 'meet'n'greet') will kick off on Labour Day Monday, Sept. 6 @ 3 PM EST. Tickets are on sale through the secured Eventbrite site by clicking the Tickets link below. We've made it super easy for you to attend and look forward to sharing our new tunes and fans' favorites. Please keep the e-mails and messages coming. We enjoy hearing from you and love the opportunity to add your inspiring words to our website posts. Have a crazy beautiful day. xoxoxo T'n'T  

S2 E4 Chipperrr

Follow the youtube link here to watch the podcast: https://youtu.be/AqLpReitUUg

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Tia and Tommy's virtual online concert

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written by: T. McGraff/T. Parham/D. O'Day
on Tia's album Stubborn in My Blood

Hope is Everything
Tia McGraff/Tommy Parham

Photobomb alert. Can you spot Savannah Mae and Daddy in the video?

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Road Dawg Blues

Jake knows you've been working hard this year re-adjusting to learning and working from home and virtually. He is missing life on the road and the chance to share his story with you. So We've created a series of online Jake The Road Dawg video events that will bring "Songs 'n' Tails to you. Check out these videos and options:
Where The Tail Begins 
Let yourself or your students be crazy beautiful. Bring this stunning Jake The Road Dawg pre-recorded virtual 'Songs'n'Tails' event into your classroom/library/home school. In this 40 minute presentation, Tia includes a chapter reading and sings original songs based on Aboriginal and historical legends that invite the students to sing along. Set in Jake's Place on the North Shore of Lake Erie, Tia includes some geographical studies on the Great Lakes and music videos to inspire and help you find the song in your heart. And it's pre-recorded so you can present at your convenience and watch again.

Camp 1 and Camp 2

Jake loves camping and realizes that many of us won't have the opportunity this year. So we've created 2 engaging pre-recorded virtual "Songs'n'Tails' videos for you to enjoy at home/school/or around your campfire in the back yard. Each video is 8 minutes long and includes a book reading, an original song performance to sing along with, and a video. Don't forget to bring marshmallows and your cuppa cocoa. Jake loves roasting marshmallows!

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"Isn't it wonderful how dogs can win friends and influence people without ever reading a book?

What a charming story and production! Jake The Road Dawg by Tia McGraff blew me away with her construction of this project. The CD in the back was a tremendous touch (too bad I don't have a CD player, and thank goodness the songs were on the website." 

Judge for 28th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards 

With this coronavirus affecting me, I have been going up and down in health. I must say to you Tia and Tommy, your song, 'Abigail", stayed in my mind. pulling me out of the danger like Abigail carried the sailors to safety. 

Rhonda Harrison

Wow...it was such a treat to listen to Jake's Place podcast show today. Tia 'n' Tommy are a treasure. Their music has always been heartfelt and inspirational. Something today's world is in desperate need of.

Emmitt Booher

Outstanding! Great sound, effects and balance. You both got what it takes!! You were brilliant! I'll be back OFTEN!

Pat Gough

 Outside Of The Circle 
 Hi Tia and Tommy, I listened to your podcast this Easter morning, just as the sun was rising over the bay at Port Rowan. I was reflecting on the joy of Easter, and how we had just been "on the same page" a few days ago, talking about roses and thorns. I loved your song "Thorn in my Heart", and particularly you and Tommy singing a cappella - you have such amazing harmony. Thank you for sharing your music and thoughts this Easter morning. It helps to unite us even though we may not be traveling to see family or friends. I know it has been hard for you not to tour at this time, but your podcast and continued presence in Port Rowan is your way of transforming thorns into roses for all of us. Happy Easter.

Cindy Present

Letter from our Jake’s Place neighbor, Betty Chanyi in reference to Episode # 18 and my interview with author Rachel Slade:
"I loved Jake's Place podcast this week. What an amazing woman to report on why so many animals are coming from the South. Wow! My heart would break seeing that. Thank goodness they are coming North and East to be rescued from a terrible life. I appreciate those podcasts more than you will ever know. I can pause and be with my friends for that time and sit and enjoy. The music is always terrific. If I were a river I would love to be the Colorado River running through the Grand Canyon. That river has washed through layers of history like no other. What a fantastic journey that would be. Hugs and love Betty Chanyi"

Hey T n T, good thing Easter is 50 days long. I was so busy with Holy Week/Easter services, and tied up with rewrites and corrections on the manuscript for my new book that I didn’t get a chance to listen to your Easter podcast until today. It was absolutely one of my favorites! I loved hearing again the old story about the man and his dog getting into heaven. I’ve used it numerous times in my preaching and you told it so well. And don’t forget that dog spelled backwards is God 🙂 The story was a perfect lead in to your beautiful song about the New Jerusalem (I’ll need to look that one up). And, as always, Thorn from My Heart made me cry - even as I walked along the streets of downtown Savannah. It is a wonderful Good Friday/Easter song. I hope you do a new recording and official release of this. I think thousands, if not millions of people would be blessed by its beauty and truth. And it is so timely for our world right now. Anyway, just wanted to say “thank you.” May God’s radiant light continue to shine in you and through. Grace and peace,
Mark Giuliano

Tia McGraff Tells A Story in The Bookshop Lyndon Bolton POSTED ON SEPTEMBER 27, 2018

Where better to tell a story than a bookshop? That’s how Canadian singer-songwriter Tia McGraff and co-writer, fellow musician, producer and husband Tommy Parham closed their UK tour on Thursday night. The venue was The Bookshop in the Sussex town of East Grinstead. The Bookshop dates back to the mid-16th century, its black and white timber beams bear many carvings, one thought to be the head of Anne Boleyn. The place is packed with titles new and second hand run by a group of people passionate about reading. They have branched out into live music, has teamed up with an equally enthusiastic local promoter. After shifting a few bookshelves to create an intimate venue, they sold out their tickets then welcomed storytellers McGraff and Parham. These two are no strangers to the UK, this being their thirteenth tour. They also like a variety of venues having played in a castle, library, pubs and town halls. McGraff has just released her eighth studio album Stubborn In My Blood, so they had some new stories to tell. And that is what she and Parham do; each of her songs tells a tale of some sort. She sings with a voice as varied as the venues she plays. Her husband’s accompaniment, both musically and vocally, adds the perfect complement. As well as her singing, McGraff is expert in engaging an audience. Most were newcomers and all were made very welcome. From the new album she started with the relaxed pace of ‘Own Your Sunshine’. It was well selected in that the song sets out the McGraff philosophy of determination, optimism and kindness. The song is an urge to do as you believe, ringing with strength in “no-one can own your sunshine anyway”. McGraff admitted she doesn’t do many love songs but she did dip into her previous album Crazy Beautiful for ‘The One I’ve Waited For’ dedicated, of course, to Parham. Returning to the new album McGraff showed how she modulates her voice so expertly by adapting one of its more rousing numbers, ‘Travelling By Guitar’ to this cosier audience. This is the story of her way of life, “I’ve been down the road/to the corner bar/Playing for crowds/And tips in a jar”. But it’s worth doing if she is “stealing hearts and setting them free/ with a few chords and a melody”. East Grinstead certainly thought so. McGraff does not fit a specific musical genre, that’s part of her attraction, going through her albums she’s drawn mainly on country and folk, but each with either a rock or almost pop tinge. The common denominator is the story she tells. Stubborn In My Blood seems to emphasize all that in a single record. From it she played the title track which is pure storytelling as McGraff revealed the strength in her Transylvanian and Scottish ancestry. The title means “I know who I am”. “I got stubborn in my blood running through my veins/ it’s not in me to turn away”. There is another story behind ‘One Tin Soldier’. McGraff played in a Devon village with strong WW1 ties with Canada. Eight villagers were killed in the trenches so to mark the centenary of the war’s end they added eight extra chairs, each with a single poppy. McGraff let her textured voice properly free on ‘Pilot of Change’, soaring away from the daily trials and tribulations to “try listening to the sound of corn growing/and your heart got the answers anyway”. Parham has some stories of his own. Drawing on his Native North American roots he took this group from the south of England far away to his homeland with the ‘Two Wolves’ that lives inside everyone. The haunting intro/chorus gave this story about good and evil several further layers of authenticity. The globes on the shelf behind him only added to this vivd imagery. On a lighter note McGraff told how she met Johnny Cash and June Carter when, as a young singer, she performed with them on a CBC TV show. There could be only one song after that. Those walking past The Bookshop looking in the window must have wondered what sort of book club involved singing ‘Ring of Fire’ with such zest. This was an evening as far from the digital age as could be imagined. A building nearly four hundred years old, filled with books then packed with people listening intently to two singers telling stories accompanied by one or two acoustic guitars. This isn’t a swipe at technology, just a timely reminder that the power of word, song and attention isn’t diminished. Hopefully, the ghost thought to inhabit The Bookshop had a good evening too.

Long Ride Home

From Nairn, Scotland to Jake's Place on Lake Erie

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