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Jake's Lullaby

In 2019 we lost our dear friend, Willis Pracht to Covid-19. Willis wrote this beautiful song for Jake the last time we visited him in Garden City, KS. We first met Willis when he booked us to perform at the Tumbleweed Festival. A performer, educator, and a great friend. We miss you, Willis!

The Road Dawg Crew

Tia McGraff

Tia McGraff was born and raised on the north shore of Lake Erie, ON Canada. After winning the Canadian Open Country Singing Contest, she hit the trail singing! Then moved to Nashville, TN where she met Tommy Parham. Together they adopted Jake and continue making music for friends and fans all over the world. 

Tommy Parham

Born in Colorado, Tommy moved to L.A. to pursue his dream of songwriting. In 1998 he landed a full-staff publishing deal in Nashville and has garnered cuts with major label artists, film/tv placements and is where he met and married Tia.. 

Jake The Road Dawg

For a runaway pup searching for his forever home, hope is everything. When Jake adopts country stars, Tia and Tommy, his life becomes more than he ever dreamed. Jake finds the song in his heart and that hope is everything.

Road Dawgs

Our passion is travelling up and down the road and sharing the gift of music with our friends around the world. In 2020/2021 we've had to adapt due to Covid-19. So we've developed our own podcast show and are enjoying online concerts and video presentations. We hope you will join us for one of these soon.


Bogey's Jake's older brother and mentor. He teaches Jake about life and being a trusted road dawg.

Dottie Lynne

Dottie Lynne is Jake's sister. Together they learn how to overcome their differences. 


Micco is our newest member of the family. He adopted us from Niagara Humane Society.

Savannah Mae

The one and only Savvy Mae adopted us from Niagara Humane Society

Tommy and I are excited to be recording our next album. Here is the first single release. 
"Tia McGraff Presents New Music With “What If” by Skope • February 8, 2021 “What If” I told you that Tia McGraff is a singer-songwriter sensation that is beyond belief? I hope you would be intrigued and ask yourself “What If” he’s telling the truth and this Tia McGraff is the real deal. I can honestly and wholeheartedly confess to you that I tell no lies and that Tia McGraff will blow you away!" Jimmy Rae

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Let yourself be Crazy Beautiful.
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written and recorded by
Tia McGraff/Tommy Parham. 
Video produced by Cordivae Studio.

Wing Walker
Tia McGraff/
Tommy Parham

from Crazy Beautiful CD
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based on a true story and we even made it in wikipedia. Click the "tell me more" button
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